North Shore Muay Thai Acadamy is commited to bring the highest leveling of training available to those in the area interested in Muay Thai. We blend Western Boxing concepts with Traditional and Dutch style Muay Thai, constantly striving to better ourselves and push to the next level.


Marc Meltzer has been involved in the martial arts since he was eleven years old. Earning various color belts in several styles. He received his 1st Degree Black Belt from Brian Malik at the International Tae Kwon Do Academy in Marblehead Ma. His highest rank was of a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do under the famed He Ill Cho out of Los Angeles Ca.

Meltzer was first introduced to Muay Thai, before any of it’s notoriety in the US, in the early 90′s while still in college with now Kru Mark Nardone. Right away Meltzer realized Muay Thai’s potential as a dominant force to be reckoned with as a martial art and as a competitive sport. He discontinued all training in other arts to devote his full attention to Muay Thai training. Meltzer’s early training led him to the ring as the 1st Muay Thai match in the Massachusetts area at a smoker event at Dick Kimbers American Style kickboxing gym in Peabody, Ma.


Together Meltzer & Nardone discovered that Kru Phil Nurse had journeyed to the US and set up shop as a Muay Thai trainer in NYC. Nardone, who had trained in the same organization as Kru Phil back in Europe turned Meltzer onto the significance of who Kru Phil was, European Light Welter Weight Champion, Double British Champion, British All Styles Super Light Welterweight Champion & a professional boxer.

Meltzer first met Kru Phil at a Master Sken seminar hosted by Kru Phil in NYC. That introduction catapulted Meltzer into several years of personal training directly under Kru Phil. In that time Meltzer had competed & had acted as a successful representative of Kru Phil’s Khai Muay Lug Sitnarong organization.

The distance between Boston & NYC took a significant toll which, after six years, lead Meltzer to switch gears & start training with another significant name in today’s Muay Thai community, Kru Mark Dellagrotte at the famed Sityodtong training camp in Boston, Ma. Meltzer entered the Sityodtong training area and quickly discovered the benefits of a full time Muay Thai training environment. Meltzer spent four straight years training with Dellagrotte and holding classes, and he was beginning to prepare fighters for competition.

In 2005 Meltzer married & felt the need to take a step back from high level Muay Thai training and focus on the family. After three years, Meltzer was highly encouraged by his wife to re-ignite his passion for Muay Thai. This re-discovery of Muay Thai was realized when Kru Mark’s top student opened Sityodtong North Shore. Having trained with & under Kru Neil, Meltzer helped Neil get the ball rolling at Sityodtong North Shore by conducting classes & harnessing students’ abilities in pad holding sessions.

Eric Haycraft and Marc Meltzer Eric Haycraft at North Shore Muay Thai Mark Meltzer NS Muay Thai

As much of Meltzer’s rediscovery of Muay Thai was the result of Kru Neil opening his school it also was due to an unplanned chain of events, Meltzer discovered another high caliber Muay Thai training coach, Eric Haycraft, in his in-laws home town of Louisville, Kentucky.

Coach Eric Haycraft is a rare Dutch Muay Thai specialist who traveled to Holland for his training. The Dutch approach concentrates on the competitive aspect of Muay Thai, rather than the rituals indicative of the spiritual sides of Muay Thai. This new take on Muay Thai, drew Meltzer to learning more about the Dutch style but specifically Haycraft’s approach to it. Haycraft concentrates on how the mechanics of the human body work in sync with a high degree game theory in competitive settings.

In 2010 Meltzer was hired by the Total Performance Sports center in Everett, Ma. This opportunity gave him the chance to harness learned skills from Kru Mark Nardone, Phil Nurse, Mark Dellagrotti, Neil Legallo & coach Eric Haycraft into a personal approach that’s all his own. Taking elements from each of his previous instructors, Meltzer is able to take a completely inexperienced untrained individual and allow them to discover how Muay Thai can enhance their lives. Weather it be for recreation, physical fitness or competition Meltzer has developed a system of training that caters to all.

Today Meltzer maintains healthy relationships with all his previous instructors and plans to have them come to the North Shore Muay Thai Academy & conduct seminars allowing his students the chance to easily access pieces of years of hard work. The Muay Thai opportunities of today are much more accessible then when Meltzer first started out. From training to competition he wants to give the students not only the best training but he also wants to allow students to meet & be trained by some the very best Muay Thai voices in the country. It’s not just the best training but it’s the best training by the very best!